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A growing number of artists wants to distribute their artistic products on an international market – particularly in West-Europa and North-America. They want to confront their artistic creativity to western culture and pick up ideas for their personal development. Sooner or later these artists ask themselves whether to leave the African continent and migrate to the north or to remain in Africa. The disadvantages of migration are obvious: disruption of families and communities in Africa and the difficult integration in the host country. Whereas an artist who remains in Africa and can sell abroad his or her work, can locally become a significant economic factor in terms of welfare and employment creation this artistic enterprise generates.

TESITO Foundation aims to increase the professional perspective of artists in Africa by making them more visible, recognised, by presenting their work and make contacts between African artists and cultural institutions worldwide. For this reason TESITO promotes the work of African artists – musicians, dancers, comedians, painters, sculptors, fashion designers, photographers, writers, film directors - on several occasions, at various events.

Tesito in Mandingo (one of the spoken languages in West-Africa) means:
"let's get to work"